Main features of the Brisk

Reduced Dimensions

Brisk occupies least possible space in your laboratory and its nice looking view atrracts the users.

High Magnification OM

The initial imaging for choosing the scan point is performed using a powerful colored OM fixed on the machine.

User Friendly

Simplifications in operation together with reducing the required time for nano-imaging has made Brisk extremely user friendly.

Developed Software

Highly-magnified tip and sample view, obtaining & auto-saving nano images and signals monitoring are unique features of the last version of brisk software.

Fast Approach

Saving time during approach and Swift commence of scanning, are due to sophisticated fast approach technique implemented in Brisk.

New generation of the controllers

Employing the latest advanced electronics in Brisk has improved the controller functioning.

Developed tip fixing procedure

You can calmly fix the tip in AFM-head in the shortest possible time.

Nano imaging in least possible time duration

Quick Installation

LAN feature

One single network cable does all data transfer between computer and the machine.

Adopted with all computer types

PCs, laptops, all-in-one or any other computer types can be used with Brisk.

Sample Mount

  • 20 mm Maximum sample diameter

  • 10 mm Maximum sample thickness

  • Includes light magnetic sample holder

  • -10 V to +10 V Bias voltage range to the sample

ADC and DAC Channels

  • 4 Channel ADC 24bit

  • 4 Channel DAC 24bit

Signal processing

  • 40 MHz Frequency zynq processor

Integrated functions

  • 100 MB/sec Via LAN

Top View Optical Microscope

  • 8-Megapixel resolution, color

  • 60X to 600X Optical zoom

  • Integrated lighting

  • Include microscope dimeer

AFM Unit

  • Plug and Play

  • Dimension : 300 mm * 400 mm * 300mm

  • Net Weight : 20 Kg


  • High precision adjastment micrometer

  • 670 nm Laser frequency

  • 5 mW Maximum laser diod power

  • High grade quadruple photo-diode

  • Optimzied optical path design

  • Spring lever tip holder mechanism

Dedicated Computer Configuration

  • 21.5 inch Display Monitor

  • Core i5-7200U CPU

  • 8GB DDR4 RAM

  • 2GB GeForce Graphic, 1920*1080 Resolution

XY Scanner

  • 50 micro Maximum XY scan range

  • 1 nm XY resolution

Z Scanner

  • 4 micro Maximum Z scan range

  • 0.1 nm Z resolution

XY Stage

  • Motorized software-controlled

  • 15 mm Travel range

  • 40 nm Movement steps

Z Stage

  • 15 mm Travel range

  • 40 nm Movement steps

  • Automatic engage of the cantilever to the

  • sample surface (Auto Fast Approach)

Data acquisition

  • real-time 100 MB/sec Microsoft Windows compatible Integrated optical view windows for sample and cantilever vision

  • Monitoring all system signals with a high rated oscilloscope

  • Auto saving captured images in software gallery

  • Scanning zoom-selected area on captured images

  • Automatic fast approach for cantilever to the sample surface (Auto Fast Approach)

Image processing

  • Independent software for image processing, data analysis and presentation

  • Capability of exporting diferent data of images

  • Built-in with all Microsoft OS

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